Magenta Leaf Plant AKA Lá Cẩm -- Natural Food Coloring!


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Product Description:
This is a natural food coloring plant!  The scientific name of this plant is called Peristrophe roxburghiana.  It is used throughout Southeast Asia as a purple food coloring.  The traditional purple color in Vietnamese purple sweet rice dessert is made by extracting the juice of this plant. Today, I have expanded the use of this plant based food coloring in flour to make tortilla, bread, and anything you can think of!  The color stays the same after it's cooked, steamed, or baked.

All you do is boil the leaves and the juice in the leaves will leak into the water, creating a vibrant fuchsia/purple color water.  You can use this water to soak your white rice, or all purpose flour.  The longer you boil down the water, the more intense the color will get.  The best part is this natural plant based "food coloring" is tasteless so you can add any flavor you like and it won't affect the taste or the fragrant of your food.  You can make a batch of this colored water to freeze and use it at your convenience!  

Plant your Magenta Leaf plants in full shade, or morning sun, keep soil moist.  Need to protect from frost.  You can grow it in a pot and bring it inside during the frost/winter.  OR, you can grow it in the ground and dig it up to bring inside.  This plant is hardy, and won't take long to bounce back during transplant.  It can also be grown as a houseplant. 

How To Make Food Coloring With Magenta Leaf Plant



What You Will Receive
Plant Height (vary): about 4-7inches

This listing comes with 1 Magenta Leaf plant that's fully rooted in the pot with rich organic soil.
A care sheet will be included with your order.

Our Growing Practice
We believe that growing high quality foods require high quality soil; therefore, the ingredients we use for growing are of higher standards compared to the conventional systems. All our plants are grown in full organic soil, GMO FREE, and are not treated with any chemicals or pesticide. 

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