Super Power of Lemon June 21 2017

Lemon Juice Vitamin WaterAll fruits and vegetables have different super powers. Today I will turn the spot light on the lemon.  Here's why! In the previous post, I had shared information about vegetables containing different amounts of oxalate. Oxalate is a natural compound found in plants.  When there's a high amount of oxalate in the body, it can bind with calcium, forming crystals and eventually become kidney stones.  This is an unbearable pain that calls for an emergency visit for medical attention.

Lemon has the superpower to prevent kidney stone formation.  The citrate in lemon juice can dissolve crystals when they begin taking form.  Below are tips that will help you in preventing oxalate build up in your body and stay hydrated all summer long!

Ways To Prevent Kidney Stones

  • Add lemon juice in any recipes containing high oxalate
  • Oxalate in foods can be reduced by the process of steaming or cooking
  • Add juice of 1/2-1 lemon in water to drink daily
  • Make vitamin water by adding any fruits you like submerged in water with some lemon juice
  • Rinse mouth after drinking or eating any citrus to protect enamel
  • Eat foods with high oxalate with caution, see list of foods here

Ways To Keep Your Kidneys Happy

  • Stay hydrated through the day
  • Eat food full of moisture to protect your kidneys
  • Low sodium diet puts less stress on kidneys
  • Eat whole foods, unprocessed foods
  • Best to avoid soda and alcohol, or at least drink as few as possible
  • If you struggle with Diabetes, consult with your medical physician about kidney health

Benefits of Growing A Lemon Tree
Lemon is one of the easier citrus to grow. Places with a wild winter can be grown outdoor, but it grows well in containers too!  You can always bring it indoor over winter if it's kept in a pot.  In zone 9 and 10 lemons and limes are hanging on the tree almost year round.

The use of lemon is so versatile that you don't have to worry there's too many!  It's a flavorful, functional fruit to have around the house.  You can make lemonade, lemon powder, lemon zest for cooking and baking, add a small amount for DIY skincare to brighten skin, and even to make disinfecting cleaning product.  If there's still lemons any left, juicing and store in freezer will keep them fresh for the next time you need them.