Easy Way To Get Your Plants Growing Stronger March 17 2017

Gynura Procumbens New Side ShootSpring has sprung in Southern California, but for some of you -- don't worry, spring is almost here!  Now it's time to prepare for your growing season. 

Gynura Procumbens Side ShootsTo maximize the growth and production of your plants, you want to grow them in rich, fluffy, organic soil that consist of compost, worm casting, peat moss or coconut coir, and perlite.  However, for plants that root easily once they touch the soil, you can take an extra step to get your plants growing fuller and stronger.  Plants that root easily such as basil, tomato, Gynura procumbens, potato and mint can be planted deeper to build a stronger and larger root system.  Normally we allow the soil level to cover up to an inch above the start of the roots, but for plants that root easily can be planted up to the next node on the shoot.  They can even be planted horizontally laying on the ground too!  The side shoots will rise above the soil growing strong and full.  This is especially beneficial for growing leafy greens as there will be more leaves to harvest. Try it next time you plant!