Sand Dunes in Oregon October 18 2012

Oregon Coast

When we were heading back home from our long journey to Canada, we decided to take the long route driving along the coast. Everyone I spoke with told me we needed to do that because Oregon coast is just takes your breath away type of beauty. As excited as we were packing up to head back, our drive was nothing but rain in our sight. It rained for an entire day and throughout the night. We saw nothing but fog, and dark grey ocean. Fortunately, there was a short moment when the rain got lighter and we were able to see something on the coast. Oh, let's hurry and snap some pictures!

Though my photos were nothing like the chartreuse green forests or the cobalt blue sea, the scenary still looked peaceful and beautiful. I was happy I got to capture the Oregon Coast in a different mood.

As we arrived at the sand dunes sight, the sand were wet and heavy, holding my feet down as I climbed the tremendously high mounds, which I felt as if I was crossing mountains. Never have I felt so out of shape!

This is the place for riding ATVs and snowboards! But someone with neither of these would just have to tour the place the hard way. Nevertheless, it was still a lot of fun. I jumped around like a bunny, and didn't have to worry about getting hurt.

On our way climbing back up we overheard a ranger explaining why there are noxious weeds envading this place. Before the 1960s, this place was bare without weeds/grass or forests. Residents in this area complained about all the sand blowing into the streets so the city decided to import a grass from Europe to stablize the sand. Now the weeds are all over the coast, and people are volunteering to pull them out. On the bright side, these grasses provided enough stability for plants and trees to grow. Now known as forests.

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