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Welcome to Wendiland

Wendiland provides organically grown herbs and low maintenance living decors to homes and workspaces since 2010.  Founder Wendi Phan took deep interest in gardening at a young age.  When she outgrew her outdoor space, she began to create for the indoors.  Plants are like an extension of her family -- they are given lots of love, nurturing, and nourishment so they can build a strong foundation to grow happily when they get to your home.  Wendiland also shares her passion through videos. Visit Youtube.com/Wendiland to be inspired!

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How To Grow Stronger Plants

How To Grow Stronger Plants

To maximize the growth and production of your plants, you want to grow them in rich, fluffy, organic soil that consist of compost, worm casting, peat moss or coconut coir, and perlite...
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Jambu wax apple

All About Jambu Wax Apple

A few years ago I posted my first video on our Jambu tree on Youtube, and viewers' responses had exceeded my expectation. Many were surprised this tree can grow in the mainland US, so their interest in getting a hold of these seedlings became a question I've been asked often...
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Corn sprouts

Why You Should Eat Sprouts

Sprouting is an excellent way to grow your own nutritious food in a short period. A tray of sprouts can be grown in just 1-2 weeks! It's a great choice for anyone, but particularly beneficial...
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