Identifying Your Gynura Procumbens May 18 2017

Gynura Procumbens Leaf Comparison
Leaves of the Gynura procumbens can take on many organic shapes.  If you are unfamiliar with this vegetable, sometimes it can keep you guessing whether that plant you have is in fact a Gynura procumbens.  Below are a few key things I have highlighted to help you understand why your Gynura procumbens may look the way they do.

Growing in Full Sun
Normally when growing Gynura procumbens in full sun, the leaves take on thicker, more crisper succulent texture.  At times the leaves can develop ruffle edges, or more defined serrated edges. The green stems can develop purple specks, and the midrib of the leaf can become purple.  Thus, some home growers became confused between Gynura procumbens with another vegetable: Gynura crepioides.

Growing in Part Sun or Full Shade
Gynura procumbens is mainly green in color when growing in most shaded area.  The leaves are thinner, more flexible compared to being exposed to more intense sun.  With inefficient light, the leaves can grow smaller, and the stems would stretch.  This means each leaf would grow further apart from each one along the stem.

Hope you find these tips to be helpful!  If you are still uncertain whether you are growing Gynura procumbens, it's best to check with a source that you trust.  Happy Gardening!

♥Enjoy this video as I documented Gynura procumbens growing throughout the four seasons in Southern California♥