Avocado Health Benefits April 27 2014

I came across a Giant Avocado at the market the other day.  There were a pile of regular size Hass, but 2 out of the pile stood out to me.  They were these giant avocados.  Since I have never had it, it was a must try for me.  

Although avocado has such a rich texture, but the rich fats are actually good for you.  Avocado contains vitamin B6, E, and folic acid, which can help regulate homocysteine levels, preventing heart disease. It can also regulate your blood sugar, blood pressure, promote eye health, anti-aging properties.  Now we know that the creamy good fats in avocado is beneficial for us, we can enjoy it moderately without having guilt.

I love using avocado in my smoothies, milkshakes, salads, and make guacamole of course!  I have an Out of this World recipe for a vegan chocolate pudding / fudge recipe made with avocado if you are adventurous.  Click here for the recipe!

As for the taste of this giant avocado, it definitely looked better than it taste in my opinion.  It has a much more sweet flavor, but not as creamy and rich like regular avocado.  Maybe if it was grown in better soil, it'll improve the flavor, but for this taste test, it's not my favorite kind.  I have not researched what kind of avocado this is, if you recognize this type, please let me know!