Veggie Steak Tacos! May 01 2014

I found that mushrooms are a good replacement for meat, especially the large Portobello mushrooms.  They are beefy and meaty.  I love the earthy flavor of mushrooms, and they can take on any flavor you put in.  This whole week I have been loving Mexican-ish dishes.  But, like most foods, I always add my own spin on it.

Here's a vegetarian / vegan way to make a taco taste delicious! Ingredients below is not meant to be followed exactly.  It depends on how much you like in your tacos and how big your tacos are.  Best to use the ingredients list as an idea or inspiration for creating your own vegetarian tacos. 

a small hand full of any fresh leafy greens you like for each taco (I used Gynura Procumbens)
1 bellpepper or 1/2 of each color bellpepper
1/2 onion
1/4-1/2 large Portobello mushroom (per mini taco)
tortilla (I used organic corn tortilla)
coconut oil (for stir frying.  I used unrefined coconut oil)
salt and pepper, or soy sauce for taste

To make:
Slice or dice onions, bellpeppers whichever way you prefer then set aside.  Drizzle a light coat of coconut oil in the pan and set stove to medium heat. Add cut onions and bellpeppers in pan and let it cook until soft, and a lightly caramelized.  

For the Portobello mushroom -- Remove the stem part and cut them smaller then set aside.  Allow onions and bellpeppers to cook for 5-10 minutes until soften a bit then make room in the center of pan to add the whole Portobello and the stem bits.

When the juice of mushroom begins to form, turn the mushroom over and let other side cook.  Add salt and pepper, or a little soy sauce for taste.  When all your ingredients soften, turn off heat and add salt and pepper, or soy sauce for taste.  You can add some spices or even garlic powder on top if you like.  

To heat up tortilla -- put a pan over the stove and set it on medium high heat.  Place tortilla on pan and keep flipping it every 10-20 seconds.  Be careful not to burn it.  

Cut your mushroom in large chunks and put everything inside your taco.  You can slice any fresh leafy greens to put on top.