Eco Garden Expo Day June 08 2017

Eco Garden Expo 2017It was a gloomy morning, and a storm might be on its way said the weather app.  Despite the rain might pour, the show must go on!  I was invited to speak at the event so there was lots of space crowding props such as large plants to load before heading out.  Also, I was giving away an olive pickling barrel.  That alone took up half the space in the SUV!  As my helper and I were filling up the vehicle, I felt sprinkles began to hit my face.  The SUV was completely full by then, and I sure hoped someone will turn up.

Goin Native and VendorsFortunately, the drizzle had stopped when we arrived.  I met with the coordinator, and he helped us unload so I could start setting up.  When it was getting closer to my presentation, seats started to fill.  The rain seems to drive people away from the outdoors usually, but...Oh my goodness!  THANK YOU for coming everyone!

Wendi Phan's PresentationI gave a talk on my personal experience in growing tropical, exotic plants & herbs in Southern California.  Health benefits of these herbs seem to intrigue many, and the culinary aspect definitely had struck lots of curiosities.

Leopard Plant And Dutchman's PipeAfter the talk, we watched a couple of speakers' talks then went around exploring the the goods and the old shops behind the park.  There were 20 great speakers eager to spread their knowledge all throughout the weekend, and 60+ vendors offering unique plants, plant based treats and garden supplies at the beautiful park in the historic district of San Juan Capistrano, CA.  

If you are in the area, next April, don't miss out on this if you are looking for ways to improve your growing success!  The event was held by Goin Native.  They offer workshops locally throughout the year to help people and plants thrive together.  Be sure to checkout their website for more information.

Thank You Benafsha, Steven, and everyone at Goin Native for everything, and for such a fun day!