Cold Fighter Smoothie February 05 2014

This simple smoothie is a common cold fighter.  This past month I have not been resting enough, and when the body doesn't get enough rest, the immune system weakens, causing our body more susceptible to catching a common cold.  It's always best to knock the cold away before it actually gets to you.  Learn to feel your body by understanding the symptoms of a cold.  Early signs of a cold for me is usually that dry, scratchy, itchy throat, sometimes my ears and eyes may itch also, and eyes get more dry and makes me want to rub on them.  The discomfort makes me want to keep rubbing my eyes and I often feel sleepy.  

When I get this feeling, I'd run to the kitchen and find some veggies and fruits to make a smoothie.  Smoothie is a quick way to take in lots of whole fruits and veggies, and the smoothie is so fine it allows the body to quickly absorb the nutrients.  To fight a common cold, you'd need to boost your immune system with vitamin C, magnesium and zinc.

Since last week was Lunar New Year, I was helping at the temple and running my little shop, there was barely anytime to rest.  Thank goodness I have raw veggies in my life or I would not be able to function in such a crazy schedule!

I want to share this simple recipe with you to fight those "soon-to-be" colds.  My body immediately feels better after drinking this smoothie, and I hope it would do the same for you.

1 orange
a few leaves of red/purple cabbage
3-4 thin slices of fresh ginger or a teaspoon of powdered ginger.

To Make:
Remove seeds from orange and place all ingredients in the blender and blend away!

This smoothie has a kick due to the ginger, but the orange will act as a sweetener and gives that nice tang to your cabbage drink.  Raw cabbage is so high in vitamin C, and it has magnesium which is great for fighting a common cold.  Ginger warms your body, improves blood circulation, and kills bacteria.  Orange makes your smoothie tastier and adds another dose of vitamin C.  Hurry, drink up and if you can, get some sleep!  When you are not well, fuel your body with nutrients and get lots of rest.   Your body will recover much quicker this way.  Remember, it's always easier to get rid of a cold at the early stage.