Superfood Mangosteen Video May 29 2013

I shot this video on my birthday!  Haha  I probably shouldn't have shot it on this day since I felt sick all night afterwards, but fruits can't wait!  I want to get it on video to show you when they look their best!  I read that the shell of the mangosteen offers a lot of benefits such as anti-inflammatory properties, arthritis, osteoarthritis.  The benefits of the shell also helps to prevent tumors and cancers.  It helps to lower blood pressure, has great anti-aging/antioxidants, prevents kidney stones from developing.  It all sounded too good not to try.  So there I my first try of the shell on video.  Because of the strong taste that stayed in my mouth, food just didn't taste right for the entire night.  Birthday dinner tasted wrong, desserts tasted bitter, and tummy didn't feel good.  Whenever mangosteen was mentioned, I almost threw up! Hahahaa  No wonder people take them in a powder form.  The shell was absolutely awful and unbearable!  But I just had to try or I wouldn't know...So with that said,  I hope you enjoy my video.  Maybe even getting a little laugh out of it.  :D