Vegan / Vegetarian Sushi May 06 2014

Sometimes when I want to keep my food really simple, the taste can get very plain.  In that case, I make sushi with the ingredients.  It's a fun way to spice up the meal.  Seaweed is not only nutritious, but brings a unique flavor to food.  Sushi to me means using seaweed to wrap food so it could mean wrapping leftovers, or any food you have, or want to add inside.  Just be creative!  Even with the sauce, you can be as creative as you like, it doesn't have to be soy sauce.  Think of it as any kind of a dipping sauce -- honey mustard, soy sauce and mustard, or even peanut butter soy sauce!

Ingredients in my sushi:
cooked rice
stir fry carrots and sprouted mung beans
lightly boiled fava beans
Nori Sushi Seaweed sheets of your choice
bamboo sushi mat
serrated knife 

To make:
I'm going to assume you know how to boil and stir fry the ingredients and move on to explaining how to wrap the ingredients.  

Place a bamboo sushi mat on the counter then place sushi sheet on top.

Spread rice to make a rectangle then press it flat to allow rice to stick to the sheet.

Lay other ingredients on top either by stacking neatly, or by random, but make sure to keep them all flat.  This would make it much easier to roll.  The key is to not overload your sheet or it would be difficult to roll your sushi.  It can also tear easily.

Once all ingredients you want are placed on sheet let's start rolling!  

To roll, use both hands and start rolling from the end that's close to you and roll it away from you.  Do this very slowly while pressing down to keep it tight. Continue rolling until entire roll is complete. 

To cut, use the serrated knife as a saw and saw it slowly.  You will slowly gain more control of your cut as you do it.  Place your bite size sushi on a plate and serve yourself!

Ingredients for my sauce:
organic soy sauce
garlic powder

To make:
Mix all ingredients together, use as much of each ingredients as you like. Slowly build the intensity / flavor until it is the way you like it.