Gynura Coconut Delight February 06 2014

This smoothie really satisfies my dessert craving.  It is smooth, creamy, sweet and hydrating.  It's extremely delicious and easy to make.  The challenge is to find a good coconut water that is sweet. You can either use water of a fresh cut coconut or one in a can.  In my experience, coconut water that's packaged in glass bottle taste best so if you could find that it would be the next best thing from a fresh coconut!  Glass bottles seem to not alter the taste of the coconut like metal or paper cans.  A couple of my favorite brands of bottled coconut water are called "Pure Young Coconut Water" by OK (Opportunity Knocks), and Nirvana.

1 bottled or 1 fresh cut coconut water
8-12 Gynura Procumbens leaves

To Make:
Pour coconut water in blender, add Gynura leaves and blend away.  Pour smoothie in a glass or pour it back in coconut (just for fun).  The meat in the coconut is creamy and edible so take a spoon and scrape it to eat.  Not a bit wasted! :D Enjoy!