John Kohler From Growing Your Greens Visiting Wendiland October 13 2017

John Kohler is the host of the most popular gardening channel on Youtube called Growing Your Greens (GYG).  He has over 640K subscribers, and over thousands of videos teaching various methods on growing your own food.  

John is one of the most genuine and down-to-earth friend you can come across.  We met each other at the National Heirloom Festival in Santa Rosa, California.  It was such a pleasant surprise when he showed up to my presentation — he wanted to explore more about Asian vegetables.  >Read my blog about the National Heirloom Festival.

A couple months later John came to visit, and we ended up talking for hours.  Soon enough, the sun was starting to set so we had to cut the conversation short so he could start filming the video before losing daylight! 

John was intrigued to learn about the health benefits of the herbs here.  His reactions to trying certain in the garden for the first time was just priceless.  He even tried the fully raw vegan plant based “jello” I made!  Don’t miss this video, and see the interview we had too!  

Healthiest & Easiest Asian Vegetables You Should Grow

Plants Featured In This Video:
Purple Sweet Potatoes 0:06:19
Pumpkin 0:08:30
Holy Basil AKA Tulsi 0:11:13
Milk Weed 0:15:40
Bitter Leaf 0:18:07
Gotu Kola 0:20:29
Okinawa Spinach 0:22:07
Gynura procumbens 0:25:10 and 0:32:29
Grass Jelly 0:25:30 and 0:27:11
Sabah Snake Grass 0:28:27
Wild Betal (Piper) 0:29:23
Galangal ginger 0:33:51
Immortality Herb (Jiao Gu Lan) 0:35:13
Leaf of Life 0:35:21
Perilla AKA Shiso 0:36:39
Fish Mint (Chameleon plant) 0:37:00
Vietnamese Corinader (rau ram) 0:37:32
Ashitaba 0:40:02

Interview With Wendi
0:43:42 How did you get into growing all this stuff?
0:44:30 What is your relationship with some of the vegetables in this episode?
0:45:00 Were these Asian vegetables eaten for their flavor or health benefits?
0:45:25 What kind of health benefits have you experienced from these Asian vegetables?
0:47:00 What are some Asian greens for cold and flu?
0:47:47 Why did you start making YouTube videos?
0:50:38 What are favorite 5 Asian vegetables?
0:50:55 Sabah Snake Grass
0:52:57 Bitter Leaf Tree
0:54:33 Rice Patty Herb
0:55:23 How you can easily get some of these plants?
0:56:36 Pandan Herb
0:57:20 Grass Jelly Vine
1:00:55 Gynura Procumbens AKA Longevity Spinach
1:02:27 What are the health benefits of Gynura Procumbens?
1:03:21 Why did you start making Gynura Procumbens available for others?
1:05:25 How can you grow tropical plants year round?
1:07:30 What are your growing practices? How do you grow? What fertilizer do you use?
1:08:36 What is a Marimo?
1:10:30 Do you eat the Marimo algae balls?
1:13:20 Any final words of wisdom for my viewers?
1:15:21 How can viewers learn more about you?

John is an extremely knowledgeable gardener, and a wonderful person.  He has 3 YouTube channels to educate his viewers.  Go checkout his videos and subscribe!

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