Arboretum Plant Show April 21 2013

arboretum plant show

Today is my boyfriend's birthday.  Usually he doesn't like to do anything specialy, but this year the arboretum plant show happens to come around so we decided to go.  The plant show was so much bigger than we expected so we ended up spending most of the day there, seeing and exploring.
arboretum plant show

Mother duck and her duckies
Mother duck and her little ones
Me under the Banyan Tree

Daisy Like Flowers on a Tree

Like what I enjoy doing most -- collect rare plants. Hahahaa Most of what we got, we don't even know what they are!  Luckily one of them came with a fruit to sample.  We cut it open and shared amongst our friends and turns out, none of us liked it.  Haha!  This fruit smells like Dawn Dish Soap and has sweet and sour taste.  Just a little unpleasant for my taste buds.  But, there is no doubt trying something new is always exciting and fun.  :)
Every Girl Loves to Shop

Strange Yellow Papaya Fruit

Strange Fruit Cut Opened