Birthday Visit to the La Canada Garden May 26 2013

La Canada Garden
This is such a beautiful garden.  The trees were tall, the garden was lush filled with Mables, Pines, Roses, Ferns, and loads more.  It felt like a short vacation back to the North West Pacific.  We had such a wonderful walk through the gardens, galleries, and gift shop!  The gift shop sold seeds of these golden yellow/orange tomatoes called Mandarin Cross.  It's supposed to be creamy texture and exterior much like a mandarin orange.  How can I say no to this?  Of course I brought it back with me and I can't wait to plant them and show you my harvest!  ***Fingers cross***
Lunch at La Canada Cafe
Banana Shrub
Les Anis de Flavigny Mint
Labrador Birthday Card
vertical garden
A casual lunch here was so relaxing.  I loved that we were close to the pond and were shaded by the Pine trees.  What's neat about this cafe is they bring in local produce so  I ordered a roasted veggie wrap with pesto sauce.  All that wonderful smoky aroma is still so clear in my mind.  I would love to make this at home! We ended the day by returning home to spend with my baby Lotus.