Spontaneous Hike in Mount Baldy August 17 2014

Again, we went on another spontaneous hiking trip.  We didn't decide to go hiking until the very day.  I checked the weather and it showed that it's going to be 90F in the area we'd be hiking so it got me a little worried about the heat.  Luckily there was a nice breeze during our long day hike since it's at a higher altitude.

Before leaving home, we packed our backpacks full of water, jambu (wax apples), and peanut butter sandwich with passion fruit and Gynura Procumbens inside.  Nuts and a few power/protein bars were also in the backpacks.  The jambu were so refreshing, and the Gynura Procumbens leaves in our sandwich gave us a little boost of energy to keep going.  Passion fruit made a really good "jelly" in the peanut butter sandwich.  The weight in our backpacks definitely had made our hike more challenging, especially the higher we climb, and the oxygen is reduced, but we are so thankful to have all the food with us or we wouldn't have made it to the top. 

After a very long, tiring day we finally made it to the top!  San Antonio "Mt Baldy" Summit at 10,064 Ft, marks the highest point of Los Angeles County.  Although by my very last mile I was traveling just 1 or 2 mph ( I know, that's pretty ridiculous ), it sure felt so good to finally made it.  The view was spectacular.  Mountains in front of us looked like a giant watercolor painting.  It was breath taking.