Lotus' Family Reunion May 17 2013

Lotus' Family Reunion with her Mom and Brother

It's been 10 years since Lotus have seen her biological mom, and it's been 7-8 years since she's seen her brother!  The owner of her mom and brother and lost touch with me for some years in between and I only recently found his contact after reorganizing my old papers.  With just a few emails and phone calls we made time to meet up! I was so excited about this day.  I kept asking myself what kind of treats should I make for them, what flavor do they like, etc., etc.  After taking a browse through the market I decided to make peanut butter, carrots and yam cookies with honey.  When it comes to food, I try to provide the best quality for us.  Because of this reason I had gone to three different markets trying to gather some good quality organic ingredients.  After some shopping I came home and started making the treats. The day of our meeting is finally here!  I was so excited though Lotus had no clue what was going on!  Haha  I grabbed their treats and we drove out to our meeting place.  As soon as we arrived Lotus ran to them and they got along so well so quickly. Lotus and her biological family doesn't care for other furry friends very much usually, but they seem to be very happy around each other.  I think they really remember each other.  Her mom is usually very protective of her son when strangers are around, but she loved Lotus as soon as she came close. We all had so much fun catching up.  I had three English Labradors surrounding me.  It was just the best thing ever!  I was completely smitten by their kisses. Near the end of our gathering, I took out some treats to share.  They kept shoving their faces closer to the treats asking for more.  I was so glad I made those because I learned that Lotus' mom, Cindy, eats only soft foods.  These treats were so soft and nutritious, they were perfect for all of them. In a few weeks Cindy will be turning 14 and we must meet to celebrate her birthday!  We also talked about going to the beach when it gets warmer.  I'm so excited about all of this, I don't think I can go to sleep! haha