Marimo T-Shirt Photo Shoot! October 04 2013

Trips are always fun, but can also be stressful.  The stress of getting everything done before leaving, the stress of making sure things needed were packed, the anxiety of trying to figure out if everything would fit in the luggage…but the excitement of just being 24 hours away from seeing my family was just indescribable.

It was just 2 hours before leaving the house to get to the airport, and I was just finishing up packing.  I was also trying to make a few T-shirts for my little cousins.  Oh their adorable faces ~ I thought they were perfect candidates for modeling my Marimo T-shirts.

It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve been in Vietnam now and this morning we got up early and went to a local park for the photo shoot.  It’s Monsoon season in Vietnam and the rain had just cleared up by early morning.  Thank goodness!  We were so fortunate to have beautiful clear sky for the shoot.  It was loads of fun spending time with my cousins and family.  The mother of these girls is quite a chef too!  I’ll post some photos of food to share with you later.  For the meantime, enjoy these photos.  Have a fabulous day!  :)  XXX