Good scent brings a good night sleep October 05 2012

Jasmine Floral Arrangement
One type of flowers I love growing are the ones with wonderful fragrance. My very favorite is Jasmine. They are hardy to grow in the warmer regions, and their cuttings make really awesome arrangements! Their buds continue to develop and bloom even after they are cut. The Jasmine branches you see in the photo above were upcycled from from the previous Jasmine arrangement I made a few weeks ago! Two of the branches were completely done flowering so I removed them and added a few different leaves I grabbed from the garden. Now I have a whole new arrangement to enjoy again.

Jasmine flower
Mmmm....the fresh, sweet scent travels all throughout the house from the living area. Instead of using the chemical scent sprays or lighting candles, sometimes I also like to place them in the bedroom. Now I can be sure that I will get a good night sleep.