Healthy Plants Delivered To Your Door
What soil medium do you use?

All our edible plants are given the highest quality nutrients that's available to maximize their health. Our special blend of potting mix contains Non GMO earth worm castings, bat guano, fish & crab meal, aged forest products, sand, sphagnum peat moss, rock dust.

What does Beyond Organic means?
Beyond the Organic Standard means to grow without using any chemicals such as herbicide, pesticide, fungicide, or chemical fertilizers.  We use Non GMO organic matter in our growing practice.  Sea 90 Minerals are diluted in water to add 90+ traced minerals in the plants.  For pest control, we use water to spray, and hand picking to remove any pests. This growing method will provide healthier, more nutrient dense plants to help with getting a better start at your home.

When will I receive my order?
Please allow 1-3 business days to process your order.  If you need it to ship ASAP, do let us know.  We generally ship using USPS First Class, or Priority Mail services.  Live plants and seedlings will ship using Priority Mail (around 2-3 business days to arrive).  Marimo Balls, and other plants that are not as fragile will ship using First Class (around 2-5 business days).

For bulk orders, we are happy to use your shipping account if you have one.  If for any reasons, you prefer using a different service other than USPS please let us know so we can work with you.

Will my plants survive in shipping?
When plants are given the best nutrients possible, they will cope with the stress of shipping better than others.  Aside from that, we also take extreme care when packaging.  The ways we use to secure the plants are out of this world!  We have built traps, dividers, and stakes when it's necessary to keep the plants safe during their journey.

Prior to shipping, we always check the weather forecast, and will only ship when we feel that it is safe.  In case there are any delay in shipping, you will hear from us!

What should I expect to receive in my order?
Items for each package will vary depending on what items you purchased.  Below is a general guide of what is generally included in your order.  To find out the specifics of what you will receive,  please refer to the detail in the listing.

> Live Plants & Seedlings
All live plants will be shipped with soil and pot.  This will help limit the stress during transportation.

> Plant Cuttings
For plants that are more hardy, they can be shipped as cuttings with a moist paper towel.

> Marimo Balls
Marimo Balls will be shipped in a container without water, but don't worry!  They can handle up to 2 weeks outside of water, and will still be green and healthy.  :)

> Air Plants (Tillandsia)
Air Plants can thrive without soil so they can be shipped by itself.

Do you ship overseas?
We are a small company located in the U.S.  For our international friends -- Only air plants and Marimos can tolerate the course of being in a package for 2 weeks. Before you place any orders, please know the risks that may involved in ordering live plants -- the regulations for importing live plants may vary in each country.  Since this is beyond our control, we will not be responsible for any packages that may get inspected or discarded.  Therefore, we cannot issue any refund.  Please understand the possible risk involved with any international orders of live plants.  If you are still considering order, or have any questions please contact info@Wendiland.com, or use the Contact page to find us.