Wax Apple Salad September 03 2012

Jambu Salad

Jambu tree is native to south east Asia.  It's common name is jambu, wax apple, or rose apple.  The taste is very mild and sweet if fully ripened.  The texture is crispy, and has the effect of cooling the body.  During my younger years in Vietnam, I ate them year-round, but in U.S., they are only available in the hottest time of the year.  Jambu is just a refreshing fruit on a hot day.

Below is the recipe I used to make this salad, but you can add more green leaves such as romaine lettuce if you like.  Choose a light oil for dressing.  Place amaranth seeds in a dry pan over medium high heat with a lid on.  Keep moving the pan to prevent burning, and pour amaranth in a bowl once they are popped.  You should work with small hand full of amaranth each time so you can get most of them to pop.  They really add texture and nice crunch in the salad.

Wash and cut jambu, celery, walnuts (roasted if preferred), then place them all in a bowl.  Add a small pinch of salt and mix. If salad is not to be served instantly, do a quick soak with jambu in lime or lemon water to prevent them turning brown.  Finally, drizzle sesame oil and honey on top, place rose petals to garnish.  Everything in the photo you see is edible!  Yes, the rose petals are edible too, but you should only use organically grown roses so no pesticides cause harm to your health.  Enjoy, and don't forget to check out my video on my jambu tree!  :)

Salad Recipe
Jambu (as many as desire)
amaranth (popped on stove)
celery (finely chopped)
walnuts (chopped)
a few Rose petals
sesame oil or olive oil
sea salt