Gynura Procumbens Vs Gynura Crepioides June 02 2014

Some people have been confused about Gynura Procumbens and Gynura Crepioides so I decided to explain the difference and similarities between the two.

- Both types of vegetables are grown in a similar way.  They both like partial sun/shade and can withstand full sun as long as the soil stays moist.
- They have similar tastes, but the Gynura Crepioides has a slight bitterness.
- They develop slight purple specks on the green stem when it's more mature.

- Most research and reports from people about the benefits for diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol is for the Gynura Procumbens.  
- Leaves of Gynura Procumbens are green on both sides.
- Leaves of Gynura Crepioides are green on top side and bottom side is purple. 
- Shape of the Gynura Crepioides leaves are more narrow and is saw-like where as Gynura Procumbens are more smooth, and the width of the leaves are wider.

I personally prefer the taste of the Gynura Procumbens over the other. The taste of Gynura Procumbens is more pleasant and easy to acquire. Here is a video about this vegetable if you are interested.