Natural Coloring -- Purple Tortilla! April 25 2014

I'm constantly on a quest for natural ingredients to use when I'm making food.  Here you see some purple juice, purple dough, purple tortilla!  The purple juice came from a plant called Magenta Plant (Peristrophe roxburghiana)!  You must think why is this plant called magenta when the leaves are green, or where does the purple come from!?  

The Magenta Plant is definitely one of my favorite plants to grow because of its uniqueness -- though the leaves are green, but once boiled in some water the juice of the leaves will turn purple!  The Vietnamese have been using this plant to dye their sweet rice purple for many generations.

Here I've given a try to use the juice in flour instead of rice, and it made my dough lavender.  Such a pretty, soft color!  I think I will be using a lot more of this plant in the near future to create some fun dishes!