Giant Luffa Gourd Seeds


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This luffa (loofah) is a Taiwan variety called Luffa Aegyptiaca. Luffa is large (see photo!) can be cooked as soon as it gets about 6-8 inches long, or you can wait until it gets bigger too! You can also make your own luffa sponges for your family and friends! Just let the luffa grow and dry on the vine then peel the skin (outer shell) off. There you got yourself a luffa for those oh so wonderful scrubbing time…This vine is a fast climber so make sure you have a trellis ready for it! One plant will produce a generous amount of luffas. They like full sun or at least some afternoon sun and just average water needs. Plant has bright yellow flowers. Luffa has green skin and white flesh.

Depending how cold winter gets where you are -- some Luffas grow as an annual, some are biennial. Since this is a tropical vine, it would start to die back when temperature drops. If you are in Florida or Texas, lifespan for the vine would be longer. I'm in Southern CA and ours started slowing its growth by mid Autumn. Winter here can get to mid 30s F at the lowest.

When growing -- you can either start the seeds indoor and plant them after frost, or sow it directly in the garden after frost. They will take approx. 90 days (give and take) until you can harvest! Vine can spread about 10-15 ft or more. It's pretty fast growing when weather is warm so make sure you have a trellis ready for it!

Come see my video, you'll see how big these actually get. :)

The listing will come with 20 seeds! Please write to me if you have any questions. Thank You!

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