ON SALE! Marimo T-Shirt *New Item!*


♥I'm so excited to bring you my first Marimo character at a Promo offer! Regular price for this is $17. What a great way to show your Love & Support for these precious fluffy "creatures" Mother Earth has given us.

♥Where did my inspiration come from?♥
When I pet my Marimos, I often imagine that each of them would take on a different personality since they all have names and they are a green "pet" afterall. And that's what inspired me to create these characters. :)

♥T-shirt you receive will be white, 100% cotton by American Apparel. They are not preshrunk so each shirt will shrink about 1/2 its size. That's me in the 1st photo, wearing a size Small, and I'm 5 ft tall. Hope that helps when you are picking out a size for yourself, or as a gift for your friends or children!

♥What is the adorable green ball on my t-shirt!?♥
Why it's a Marimo! It is a fluffy living green ball that symbolizes love and everlasting relationship. They can grow so slowly for a very long period. The largest Marimo found in the wild is the size of a softball, estimated to be about 200 years old! They are the national treasure of Japan, and it's believed that Marimos will bring you good luck if you bond with them. Thus many people keep them as house pets or office pets.

♥Watch my videos to learn more about them!♥

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