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If your order looks something like this picture, you have received a Marimo!

Marimo Story

Marimo, originated from Akan Lake in Japan, is a rare type of algae that slowly grows in a sphere form.  Besides being a national treasure of Japan, there is also a myth about these mysterious balls.  It's about two lovers which turned into Marimos so they could be by each other's side for eternity.  Since then Marimos have became a symbol of love and good fortune; thus, many people keep them as pets in their homes and offices.  They are also very popular as gifts to celebrate love, friendship, and family.

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Marimo Care

Where should a Marimo Aquarium be placed?
Your Marimo aquarium can be placed anywhere with bright to moderately bright light, and away from direct sunlight.  If your space does not have a window, fluorescent light is also fine for it.

What kind of maintenance does it require?
To keep your Marimo healthy, provide filtered water (filtered tap water or bottled water) so there is no chlorine to harm the furry thing.  Change the water every 2 weeks, or whenever you notice the water is cloudy.  On a warmer day, check to make sure the water stays cool.  If it gets warm, change the water and keep the aquarium in a cooler place.

Since the water in the aquarium is still, once in a while, use your finger to push your Marimo around to ensure all of its sides will stay green.

For your larger Marimos, a bath can be performed when it looks dirty. Click here to watch my demo on this!

What does brown spots on a Marimo mean?
Like any other plants, there will be new growth, and some older growth may have to leave.  The brown spots can be caused by the Marimo sitting on the same spot for too long (a few weeks or a month, even longer) not allowing light to get into those areas.  These brown spots can be removed by lighting trimming it away.  The hair of the Marimo will slowly grow back.

Why are some of the hair white?
This may be a sign of sunburn.  When you notice this occurrence, check if the location you place your aquarium is too warm.  Marimo likes indirect sunlight, or weak sunlight, and water temperature to remain cool.  Strong direct sunlight, or warm water can cause sunburn to the Marimo.  You can lightly trim off the white hair, and the green hair will slowly grow back.

What is the fuzzy stuff clouding around the Marimo?
When you see the fuzzy stuff clouding around the Marimo, or floating in the water there is no need to worry. These are other algae that are producing. Simply clean the Marimo, and change the water.

I see a bunch of bubbles in the water surrounding my Marimo, what does it mean?
When the location your Marimo is at gets bright enough, your furry friend will produce photosynthesis; thus, creating bubbles, and even float to the top. The Marimo also tend to become more green if it gets enough filtered light so placing it in a cool and bright area is the key to a happy Marimo!