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Hi! I'm Wendi Phan, creator of Gardens of Wendiland. I surround my life with plants, healthy lifestyle and gardening.

Life can get hectic in the city, so we often have to remind ourselves to appreciate the small things. Decorations such as terrariums and Marimo Pets are one of those simple things that can slow down your pace for a moment to relax.

I feel fortunate that I can indulge in the vibrant culture of my Southern California home. Whether it's tasting new foods, discovering new plants, or being inspired on my little adventures, I'm always excited to share them with you! Be a part of my journey, and join me on my Youtube channel! I love to be able to bring smiles to my customers. Sometimes I wake up to their emails, and I can feel how excited they were getting their packages. I hope I can do the same for you.  Enjoy your tour in the Gardens of Wendiland.

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Spontaneous Hike in Mount Baldy

Again, we went on another spontaneous hiking trip. We didn't decide to go hiking until the very day. I checked the weather and it showed that it's going to be 90F in the area we'd be hiking so it got me a little worried about the heat...
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Reishi Mushroom (Ling Zhi)

Reishi is the Japanese's name. It means 10,000 year mushroom! In Chinese, this woody mushroom is called Ling Chi or Ling Zhi, it means mushroom of immortality!
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Easy Yeast Bread

A good piece of yeast bread is so satisfying when paired with your favorite dishes...
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