Soursop Seedling AKA "Guanabana, Graviola"


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Soursop is one of my favorite tropical fruits.  It has a sweet and tang, juicy custard-like flesh.  This nutritious fruit is great to eat by itself, or make smoothie, juice, or milkshake! 

The leaves can be used for tea for health benefits.  It is antibacterial, antivirus, anti-inflammatory, can help boost the immune system and prevent infections in the body.  I highly encourage you to research more into the health benefits about this wonderful tree.   

♥How to Grow♥
This tree is not cold tolerant.  It can grow outdoor for any places with mild winter such as USDA zones 10 and higher.  Will need to protect from frost.  It can grow in a greenhouse, or in a large pot that you can bring inside when it's cold. This tree takes a long period of warmth in order to fruit. In my opinion, I treat this tree as something medicinal by using the leaves for tea.  If the fruits develop, that's a bonus for me!

♥What you will receive♥
The seedling you receive will be approx. 5-7 inches tall that's full rooted.  It will be shipped in its original pot to minimize the stress of the plant.  A care sheet will be included as well.

Soursop (Guanabana) Anti Cancer Fruit Picking

♥Our growing practice♥
We believe that growing high quality foods require high quality soil; therefore, the ingredients we use for growing are of higher standards compared to the conventional systems. All our plants are grown in full organic soil, GMO FREE, and are not treated with any chemicals or pesticide. 

Feel free to contact me for any questions.  Thank You!

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Shipping Info
To my friends in HAWAII -- Due to agricultural restrictions in the State of Hawaii, I cannot ship this plant.  You can search your local nursery, they will most likely have this tree. If you have any questions please contact me.  Mahalo!

If you are purchasing multiple items, please contact me for combined shipping rates. Thank You!

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