Giant Air Plant


Air plants AKA Tillandsia is easy to care, especially this variety, it is very versatile!  In their natural habitat, the rain forests, they wrap their roots on tree trunks and branches to stabilize.  Getting only moisture from humidity, morning dew and rain to thrive.

What makes this variety of Air Plant unique is that it’s one of the largest of all, and it’s one of the hardiest kind.  It can handle more sun exposure than most others so it can be displayed in or outdoor.  Ideal outdoor location would be in a shaded deck.  The Air plant sends a 2-3 FT flower stalk.  After flowering, baby Air plants grow from the stalk (see last photo).  **PLEASE NOTE that the air plant you receive will not come with one with flower stalk.  

Caring for Air plants only require a couple mist of water 2-4 times a week is all it needs!  Or you can submerge it in water overnight once a week.

Securing the Air plant on a tree branch will work too!  The upper branches of the tree will act as a canopy for it.  You can mist it once a while, or spray it with the garden hose when you are watering other plants.

If you plan on growing this in a pot of soil, just lightly bury the base in well drained soil.  Roots will slowly grow to hold itself up. When watering, pour water directly in the center of the plant only.

Growing it with or without soil, it can be kept indoor in a bright room, or in full shade/morning sun location outdoor in the warmer months.  In Southern CA, they are happy indoor and outdoor year round. 

What you will receive:
- 1 Giantess  Air Plant, glassware is not included.  Air plant approx 12-15 inches across.
- Caresheet


Shipping Info
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