Asian Zen Garden (Discounted)


Dive your pen or any pointy object you have in the soft, fine sand and start drawing. Soon your stress will drift away and disappear. Focus on the present, let your mind be free, and have your pen guide you to a path of tranquility.  This Zen Garden is a true test of your concentration. The listing comes with a bag of tan rocks for you to lay out as a path. If you don't feel like using the small tan rocks, designs can still be drawn in the sand. It's perfect for anyone who does not have time to care for plants, or have no natural light in their work space. You can still find serenity with this piece.

♥What you will receive♥
You will get a bag of sand, a bag of tan rocks, 3 large jade rocks, miniature Asian architecture, glassware, and a wooden drawing wand. I promise it will only take you less than a minute to put together and it'll be ready for you to play! Tweezer to lay the small rocks is not included. Thank You.

♥You can check out my videos for more tips on how to draw in your Zen Garden♥

This listing is currently sold at a discount. These glassware are the end of the batch my supplier had shipped. There are some light scratches and imperfections on the glass, but they do not obstruct the beauty of the piece. I would show you a photo of the scratches as example, but they are pretty minor that my camera was unable to catch them.


♥Dimensions of the Zen Garden♥ 
Width: 7in
Height: 5in

Shipping Info
If you are purchasing more than 1 item please convo me for combined shipping rates. Thanks!

For my oversea friends please convo me for shipping rates. Thanks!

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