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Everyone wants some peace and quiet sometimes, including your Marimo pet! The wooden ball on top of the aquarium not only helps to block out some noise for your pet, but it also helps to train your little one to work around your schedule. When it's time for you to take a little break, simply remove the wooden ball so your Marimo gets to play with you!

♡Dimensions of the aquarium♡
Height: 4.35 in
width: 3.5 in

Marimo size approx: 1"-1.25" diameter (The shape of the glass jar magnifies the size of the moss ball).

What you will receive:
- A complete set: 1 Marimo, decorative rocks, wooden ball, and the glass vase.
- A caresheet. If this is a gift, let me know in the "note" at checkout so I can also include a Marimo story for you.

♡Shipping Info♡
US buyers
If you are purchasing more than 1 item please convo me for combined shipping rates. Thanks!

For my oversea friends please write to me for shipping rates. Thanks!


♥What is a Marimo?♥
Marimo is a fluffy living green ball that symbolizes love and everlasting relationship. They can grow so slowly for a very long period. The largest Marimo found in the wild is the size of a softball, estimated to be about 200 years old! They are the national treasure of Japan, and they believe that Marimos will bring you good luck if you take care and bond with them.

♥How to care for Marimo?♥
Marimos make such cheerful "housepets" and "officepets" because they are easy to care and require very little space to keep them happy. All they need is to live in filtered water (bottled, filtered tap water) and somewhere with indirect sunlight. Since they naturally live in the bottom of the lakes such as Lake Akan, Japan, they are used to thriving in lower light conditions. Just remember to give them a little tuck and roll sometimes, and change the water every couple of weeks. That's all they need and in exchange they will bring you joy!

♥Who would you give a Marimo to?♥
Marimo makes a great gift for your friends, family, loved ones and let's not forget yourself! It makes a very unique, entertaining gift to the recipient and all the people around them. It's a great conversation starter, it is also relaxing when you pet it! It's common for couples or friends to each keep a Marimo as it signifies their love/friendship with each other. Your pet Betta, the fish, makes a good companion with your Marimos too! Mine likes to snuggle up between his fluffy balls. For the fresh water aquarium owners -- Marimo can help reduce the growth of green algae that often appears in the walls of tanks.

♥Planning on Gifting?♥
Marimos can stay out of water and in the dark for up to 3 weeks safely as long as it is kept in a cool place, indoor without indirect sunlight. Although I ship all my items with care, but if you can, placing your orders in advance would allow enough time for buffer. OR you can also leave me a note in the checkout indicating when you would like your package shipped. If not noted, regular shipments take within 2-3 business days to process. You will get your tracking info once they are shipped.

If you would like a note to go along with your gift, just let me know your message in the "note" section of checkout. :)


*********** I GUARANTEE your precious Marimos will arrive safe and sound with my special way of packaging. :) *************

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